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Unsurpassed Pediatric Care for Houston, TX Children

Joycare Pediatric Day Health Center is Houston’s very first Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Center (PPECC). Driven by a staff of qualified and experienced healthcare professionals, Joycare’s mission is to provide an optimum care experience exceeding industry standards. The care team leverages established treatment approaches while also developing new care standards to ensure your child’s needs are served. Joycare’s children enjoy a wonderful, stimulating experience that inspires them to gain the most out of each day while enriching their lives with rewarding social interaction. Our centers provide these services in a daycare setting helping to minimize services needed within their home. We want to help them socialize and get the required services for their medical and technological needs. We are proud of our professional staff and all they do for the children.

By increasing the patient-to-caretaker ratio (3:1), Joycare decreases the overall cost of care to the healthcare system. Specific plans of care for each child, delivered by medically-trained nurses, therapists and staff in a socially-interactive environment and coupled with enriching programming, results in marked improvement in overall quality of life for our children. At the same time, parents receive a much-needed break, have the freedom to manage other aspects of their lives and even move back into the workforce, if desired. This unique and emerging approach to caring for medical-fragile children is a win-win.

male nurse smiling at little girl holding a teddy bear

Statement of Principles for Pediatric Care from Joycare

Our staff goes above and beyond for the children in the Houston area who have a technological or medical dependency and need day care services. We enrich their lives by working with our beliefs to achieve happiness. Our Statement of Principles is listed below.

Joycare Pediatric Day Health Center’s Mission for Houston, TX

Joycare Pediatric Day Health Center is a medical day care for medically-fragile children. Children with special medical needs are often confined to their home, sometimes only getting out to receive clinical treatments and therapies in semi-isolation. We understand this is hard for not only the child but for the primary caregivers as well. The staff at Joycare created a unique environment in which these children can grow and learn with other children facing similar issues, all while receiving the specialized care they need at the level they deserve. Our professional caregivers provide an environment that will stimulate your child’s senses and help them gain the most out of each day. To learn more about our exemplary pediatric medical day care in the Houston area, we encourage you to reach out to us!

Advanced Care for Medically Fragile Kids