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Founder / Administrator

Cottichia Burke founded Joycare and serves as its Administrator. An ASHA certified pediatric speech language pathologist, Ms. Burke previously supervised other speech language pathologists and operated her own speech therapy firm. Ms. Burke has worked in a PPECC facility in Pennsylvania. She received her BA from University at Buffalo and her MA in Communicative Disorders and Sciences from Hampton University.


Medical Director

Joycare has identified Kathrym Espana, MD as its medical director. Dr. Espana is a pediatrician who received her MD from the University of Texas Medical Branch. She is the Co-founder of Pedi Concierge. Dr. Espana previously worked for Texas Children’s Hospital.


Nursing Director

Joycare’s Nursing Director is Lisa Scifres-Farmer. Lisa has 15 years experience as a pediatric nurse. She was previously employed in the Neurology Unit at Texas Children’s Hospital and the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. Lisa also has experience as Director of Operations and in Utilization Management Review. She obtained a BS in Nursing from Otterbein College.

Advanced Care for Medically Fragile Kids